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Flux Flow in Simulated 2D Superconductor

George Carty and Damian Hampshire

G. J. Carty and D. P. Hampshire – Visualising the mechanism that determines the critical current density in polycrystalline superconductors using time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau theory – Phys. Rev. B. 77 (2008) 172501 also published in Virtual journal of applications of Superconductivity 15th May 2008

The video shows the motion of fluxons in a section of a simulated 2D superconductor with an applied field of H = 0.43HC2 and an applied transport current just above JC.

The superconductor has a κ value of 10, with it large octagonal grains 30ξ across, and with trilayer non-superconducting grain boundaries 2ξ wide, with an inner ξ-wide layer of resistivity ρN = 10ρS and outer layers of resistivity ρN = ρS (ρS is the normal-state resistivity of the superconductor).  T = TC/2.

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